One of the major sources of revenue for electronic and print media is advert placement. A 30-second advert on Channels TV News At 10 cost N352,123.20 while a full-page advert in Leadership newspaper is N599,000.00. Same thing with social media. The estimated advert rate on the home page of Nairaland is N152,977.88/week and N665,180.59/month. Similarly, Facebook makes money from adverts we see in our timelines. Its co-founder and controlling shareholder, Mark Zuckerberg is worth $89.2 billion.


As a business owner, which radio station in Abuja will you rather advertise your products and services? Excellence FM or Wazobia FM? A sensible answer is Wazobia FM even though it may be more expensive. The reason is that it has more listeners, so the advert is expected to reach more people. Same principle with websites. Businesses look for websites with hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors (called traffic) in order to advertise their products and services. That is what makes Facebook stand out. It has 2.6 billion monthly active users. So the guiding principle of making money on the internet is: create a platform with huge traffic. Businesses will be willing to advertise their products and services there.

The idea

We want to create a web app that will have thousands of daily traffic within a few months. Popular niches like news, entertainment, technology, fashion, and others are saturated. We know that a lot of people are passionate about football. Hence, the idea of having a football match prediction web app. It will be developed using a special algorithm that will enable visitors to determine the winner of a football match even before it is played with more than 90% accuracy level. For instance,

Visitor checks: Manchester United vs. Chelsea to be played tomorrow

Web app responds: Chelsea will win.

The more accurate the results are, the more visitors keep coming back and also referring their football-loving friends. In addition, we continuously build up substantial traffic through aggressive publicity. That gives us the huge traffic we need and hopefully, business owners will start knocking on our doors to advertise their products and services.

There are very few websites that predict football match winners. If we are able to do it better, the web app will instantly become popular among millions of football fans not only in Nigeria but around the world.

To avoid match-fixing allegations and possible litigations, scores shall not be predicted. The project is intended to be purely educational i.e. demonstrate the power and applicability of Predictive Science; not for betting or gambling.

Current state

A domain name for the project: was bought since September 2019. This can be confirmed from the WHOIS database.

A Facebook page and twitter handle were created for social media presence. 

Discussions have reached an advanced stage with a team of full-stack developers for building the web app. They have been given a mock-up with detailed instructions of the app’s User Interface (U.I.) and functionality. The home page is expected to look more or less like this:

Funding requirements

ItemCost ($)
Web app development2,800
Web app security and Content Delivery System (CDN)600
Cloud hosting300
Email autoresponder200

*Naira conversion made using N475 per $1.
**All items except web app development are recurring expenditures.

Project milestones

September 1, 2020 - October 31, 20202 monthsWeb app development and testing
November 1, 2020 - December 31, 20202 monthsPublicity to generate huge and stable traffic
January 1, 2021 - May 31, 20215 monthsFirst round of operation
June 1, 2021 - July 31, 20212 monthsOff-season of European leagues
August 1, 2021 - December 31, 20215 months Second round of operation
January 1, 2022 - May 31, 20225 months Third round of operation
June 1, 2022 - July 31, 20222 months Off-season of European leagues
August 1, 2022 - December 31, 20225 months Fourth round of operation

Projected revenue stream

MonthRevenue (N)Total (N)
January 2021200,000
February 2021200,000
March 2021200,000
April 2021200,000
May 2021300,0001,100,000
August 2021300,000
September 2021300,000
October 2021400,000
November 2021400,000
December 2021400,0001,800,000
January 2022500,000
February 2022500,000
March 2022500,000
April 2022500,000
May 2022600,0002,600,000

Investors are expected to breakeven after the third round of operation. From then on, all dividend pay-outs are clear profits. Dividends shall be shared based on percentage shareholding in June and January of each year. Thus, Round 1 dividend shall be paid in June 2021, Round 2 divided is to be disbursed in January 2022, etc.  

This is a very conservative projection of revenue stream. It may be higher than this by far. Below is the advert rate of Premium Times.

At the launch of the web app, the advert rate would be quite cheap since it does not have the traffic and popularity Premium Times has. However, as the number of monthly active users increases, the rate would be gradually increased, which means more revenue generated and higher dividend payout for investors.

Exit strategy

After ten (10) years of operation, the web app will be put up for sale so that all investors should cash out magnificently. For instance, Google bought Youtube in 2006 for $1.65 billion while Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion in 2014. Coming back home, in 2016 Vanso was acquired by Interswitch for N15 billion in stock and cash while Zinox Group acquired Konga in 2018. The amount involved in the Konga deal was not made public.

We are not promising heaven on earth. But we have the fullest conviction that any amount invested shall be completely recovered after the third round of operation ending May 31, 2022. Going forward, investors will be receiving dividends biannually (June and January) plus a share of the billions of Naira the web app shall be sold in 2030 based on percentage shareholding.

Should this opportunity fall within your investing interests, please send your funds to:

Guaranty Trust Bank PLC
0115626062 (NGN)
Hascy Technologies

If you wish to send your funds in US Dollars, please contact us via the email or WhatsApp number below stating the amount you will invest so that we generate a payment link for you courtesy VoguePay – our official payment processor.

Thereafter kindly visit and complete the online form. This will enable us to update our database with your biodata.

The deadline for accepting funds is August 25, 2020. However, if we reach our funding target before then, we may stop accepting funds. As a result, please do act fast. Do not allow this opportunity to slip through your fingers. Time is running out.

For more information or inquiry, contact or +2347039663215 (WhatsApp).

Thank you for your consideration.

Terms and Conditions apply[1]


[1] Terms and Conditions

  • All revenues and losses (if any) shall be shared between Hascy Technologies and investors equally, 50% each. In other words, investors shall collectively share 50% revenue according to their percentage shareholding while Hascy Technologies shall use its share of 50% for settling recurrent expenditures like cloud hosting, app security and maintenance, email autoresponder subscription, staff remunerations, etc.
  • Percentage shareholding is to be calculated considering the total investment amount received if it is more than N2,660,000. Otherwise, if less, the percentage shareholding will be calculated based on N2,660,000.
  • Investors are limited to proceeds from . As an ICT consultancy firm, Hascy Technologies may engage in other projects whether online or offline. Investors have no stake in these.